How to Stop Sleep Deprivation | How-To Guides | TENA Family Carer

Where possible, routine is the key to good sleep. Our body is like a clock – it works best when we follow the same routine each day as then we are more likely to get deeper, quality sleep. It is often tempting to go to bed early if you are tired or sleep deprived but this can make the problem worse as we end up going to bed when we are not truly sleepy and then laying in bed hour after hour feeling more and more stressed. I would advise carers to try to find time to wind down and retire a litt

Travelling With Incontinence | Support | TENA Family Carer

Holidays are meant for relaxation, stress relief and spending time with family – travelling with a loved one who suffers from incontinence shouldn’t stop either of you from enjoying yourselves. All it takes is some extra preparation so that both of you are comfortable and stress free. Having the right products is key to making sure your loved one is physically and emotionally comfortable. Preventing leaks should mean your loved one can feel more confident when en-route to your destination. We

My Pelvic Floor Fitness App | lights by TENA

Reduce little leaks by training your PC muscles with the My Pelvic Floor Fitness app by lights by TENA. Together with the 16 years (plus!) knowledge of MSc Physiotherapist and expert on ‘down there’, Paula Igualada-Martinez, lights by TENA has created an easy to use app that features daily reminders and helpful tips about Kegel exercises. Think of it like a free gym membership for your lady garden. One of the best things about pelvic floor exercises is that you can do them anywhere and at any t

Pre & Postnatal Pelvic Floor Tips | lights by TENA

Little leaks, or oooops moments, can happen without much warning and this can be frustrating and embarrassing. But be assured its super common and there is a lot you can do to get back control of your bladder. Training is a good start but it can also help to talk to your midwife or GP at your antenatal check-up, and to talk with friends. And it’s always good to know that lights by TENA are always there to offer you discreet protection and freshness while you need a little extra support.

Incontinence in Pregnancy – Leaking Urine in Pregnancy | TENA

Major changes are happening in your body – it’s not surprising that your urinary system is one of the things that’s affected. During pregnancy blood volume increases progressively, causing kidneys to produce more urine – so you’ll go to the bathroom more. As your uterus expands with your growing baby it puts pressure on your bladder. Hormones that prepare your ligaments and joints for delivery weaken the muscles that control urine flow, while constipation (common in both pregnancy and after bi

How to Work Out your Pelvic Floor to Reduce Incontinence | TENA Women

Did you know that as little as five minutes of pelvic floor exercises a day can significantly reduce incontinence – or even make it go away? Once you get the hang of it, you can do them anywhere, at any time and it’s never too late to get started. • Start off by doing the exercises lying down. This makes it easier to clench effectively. • To isolate the muscles, start by clenching with the muscles around your back passage. Then continue clenching around the vagina and urethra. Keep clenching as